BASA calls on govt to declare state of emergency

BASA calls on govt to declare state of emergency

The beer industry is piling pressure on the government to declare a state of emergency. 

Prospecton Brewery in Durban looted

The Beer Association of South Africa (BASA) says while private security companies have tried to protect facilities, they've been overwhelmed by the number of rioters.


It says with thousands of businesses and jobs being destroyed by looters and arsonists, the national government needs to drastically boost the number of SANDF members on the ground. 


"With incidents of criminality continuing in areas across KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, the beer industry is calling on the national government to urgently declare a state of emergency and drastically increase the number of South African Defence Force (SANDF) officers deployed in hot spot areas in these provinces. 

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"The last few days have seen the country in turmoil with thousands of businesses and jobs being destroyed by mobs of looters and arsonists. The most recent media reports have also indicated that the current death toll due to this violence has risen to 72." 


Two SAB depots in KwaZulu-Natal were looted and torched on Tuesday. 


"There is a fear that the other three remaining SAB facilities in the province will also be targeted. Courier companies carrying alcohol and raw material such as malt for export have also been attacked." 


"Scores of liquor outlets, depots, warehouses, distribution centres and specialised manufacturing facilities being targeted, which is threatening the total collapse of the alcohol industry that is already on its knees due to the four alcohol bans that have been enforced over the past 16 months. 


"Reports indicate that over 600 retail and liquor stores have been damaged, and in some cases, destroyed with conservative estimates indicating direct damages amounting to billions of rands. Heineken’s Pinetown warehouse was looted on Sunday and cleaned out by today. All office equipment, IT equipment, batteries and tyres from trucks were stolen. Crates, empty bottles and stock were also taken. Heineken’s preliminary estimation of losses suffered is in the millions." 

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"The industry has already been devastated as a result of the four blanket alcohol bans which put 233 547 jobs at risk with a tax revenue loss of R34.2 billion and R10.2 billion lost in excise revenue. The latest attacks will further negatively impact the million livelihoods that the industry supports."

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