Andile 'Bobo' Mbuthu: Family awaits DNA results

Andile 'Bobo' Mbuthu: Family awaits DNA results

The family of missing teen, Andile 'Bobo' Mbuthu say they are still waiting for DNA test results to confirm whether the body recovered by police at a river in Tongaat last Friday is his. 

Andile Mbuthu
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There's been unrest in the Hambanathi, Tongaat area since the discovery of a body suspected to be that of the teenage boy. 

This has led angry residents setting alight the popular Magagula Lounge in anger. 

It is alleged he was being held at the tavern where he was allegedly beaten to a pulp for attempting to steal alcohol. 

Ntobeko Ngidi, a family spokesperson, said Mbuthu's disappearance two weeks ago has severely traumatized them.

"The issue concerning the DNA - we have spoken to the detective of the matter, and they made it clear to us that we need to be patient because it might take a bit of time depending on how quick the laboratory will be," he said. 

Police say six people have been taken in for questioning.

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