Alleged con man nabbed after targeting two high-profile Durban cases

Alleged con man nabbed after targeting two high-profile Durban cases

Police have arrested an alleged con man on charges of extortion linked to two high-profile kidnapping cases in Durban. 

Brandon Moodley suspected con-man
Nushera Soodyal

Brandon Moodley, 27, was arrested by detectives in Lenasia in Gauteng in a search that stems from 9 August 2018.

He briefly appeared in the Durban Magistrates Court on Monday. 

State Prosecutor, Kuveshni Pillay told Magistrate Vanitha Armu that Moodley had been linked to the kidnapping cases of Sydenham pupil, Miguel Louw and Westville businesswoman, Sandra Munsamy

Pillay told the court that in the Louw case, Moodley allegedly made contact with the boy's mother, Raylene Louw, through social media and demanded R10 000 from the family around the time that Miguel went missing in July 2018. 

Pillay says Moodley used the same modus operandi in the Sandra Munsamy case, where her family was contacted when she went missing in May last year, but the suspect has not been charged in this matter yet.

The State Prosecutor says they are against bail for the Shakaskraal resident as he is a flight risk. 

Munsamy was found alive in Mpumalanga, six months after being abducted on her way home from work in Pinetown. Four men have been arrested in the matter. 

Miguel Louw's body was found a few weeks after he went missing. Judgement in his murder case is due to be heard soon in the High Court in Durban.

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