#AdamCatzavelos speaks out for the first time

#AdamCatzavelos speaks out for the first time

The Johannesburg businessman who used the K-word in a video that went viral on social media has broken his silence. 

K word guy Catzavelos

In the video, Adam Catzavelos talks about how happy he is not to see a single black person while on an overseas beach holiday. 

Catzavelos has since been fired from his family business and banned from his son's school

Some companies that did business with the family-run business have also cut ties with St George's Fine Foods

The South African Human Rights Commission said earlier this week that it would investigate the incident. Criminal charges have also been laid.   

In a statement issued yesterday, Catzavelos says he is not proud of his actions

Having now watched the video, he says he feels total shame.

The clip has drawn the ire of South Africans across the board and Catzavelos has admitted to having been thoughtless and insensitive, while also offending everyone who wants harmony in the country.

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He says that people like him, who do and say stupid things, make it difficult for South Africa to progress. He has issued an unreserved apology.

You can read the full statement below:


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