Unathi reveals what she eats to stay fit: 'You CANNOT out gym a bad diet'

Unathi reveals what she eats to stay fit: 'You CANNOT out gym a bad diet'

The queen of fitness, aka Unathi, never misses an opportunity to workout, but she says her diet is just as important. 

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In this world, nothing is certain... except death, taxes, and finding Unathi at the gym. 

The media personality has religiously been working on her weight loss since 2012 and the results speak for themselves. Unathi inspires her Instagram followers by sharing inspirational posts about her fitness journey. 

The 43-year-old took to the picture-sharing site to reveal what food she eats to keep her body in tip-top shape. 

"You always ask me to share what I eat and as imperfect as I am in that aspect I do know that you CANNOT out gym a bad diet," she began. 

The former 'Idols SA' judge says she tries to eat clean most of the week. 

"I try to eat things that are as close to their origin as possible as found on earth. So I opt for sweet potato, potato, and rice as my carb options as opposed to pasta and bread. 

"I have become lactose intolerant which amuses my lil humans coz I love ice cream, cheese, yoghurt, etc but I have to avoid those things," Unathi added. 

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Here's a look at some of of Unathi's other tips: 

  • SUGAR is the most ageing property we consume as humans and in the top three most addictive substances in the world. Up there with cocaine. I try to consume only natural sugars even though I have a severe sweet tooth inherited from Ma Moms.

  • Alcohol - I consume that thing BUT wisely. Gin with juice, or water or straight. Bubbles bubbles bubbles are my fave.

  • Water should become your best friend.

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Unathi revealed in a separate post that she enjoys living a healthy lifestyle because it helps her mentally. She says exercise is her therapy. 

"A friend of mine said I don’t need to train as much as I do and that I can cut down to 3 sessions a week. I explained to him that I NEED the gym MENTALLY for MY SANITY for what it offers in its people, happy hormones and how it gives me drive and purpose. IT IS MY THERAPY." 

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