WATCH: Darren Maule shares his weight-loss tips

WATCH: Darren Maule shares his weight-loss tips

You have been asking Darren Maule about his weight-loss plan, so he finally decided to let you in on his journey.

Darren smoothie
Darren Maule

A question Darren Maule has been getting a lot in recent months is, "How are you losing weight?"

During lockdown, many people have gained weight instead of losing it, but Darren has been hard at work; shedding those kilos - and it shows.

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"Cut out fast food and sugar, that's step number one," Darren says.

Step two is that he has replaced his breakfast and snacks with smoothies. 

"Step three, get in some cardio whenever you can. Just a little bit of cardio every day... 20 minutes... and you're good!" he adds.

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For his healthy and delicious smoothies, check out this recipe.

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