Thickleeyonce accused of body shaming skinny women

Thickleeyonce accused of body shaming skinny women

"The body positive movement is not for slim bodies," Thickleeyonce wrote on Twitter. 

Thickleeyonce/ Instagram

Thickleeyonce caused an uproar on Twitter this week when she claimed that slim women are not part of the body-positive movement.

The social media influencer made the comments while commenting on a post shared by British Glamour praising women for sharing "Instagram VS reality" posts. 

"The body positive movement is not for slim bodies already accepted by society. Stop this," she tweeted. 

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Many took offence to Thickleeyonce's remarks and questioned why slim women couldn't be part of the body-positive movement.

"Your problem is that you want to embrace being thick by bashing skinny women. Please heal because you are the one with a problem," one Twitter user wrote. 

Another user added: "You can’t preach body positivity while invalidating other body types pls."

Some reminded the plus-size model about negative comments she made about skinny women over the years. 

But many people also came to Thickleeyonce's defence.

"Okay.@ThickLeeyonce is right. The body positivity MOVEMENT vs being body positive is different. You can be body positive and skinny but the movement itself was created for fat women. Being fat was literally institutionalised as being unattractive. Not sure why people are touched," one woman wrote. 

Thickleeyonce, whose account is currently private, said it was not her intention to shame skinny women.

"No one was body shaming slim girls beloved. I was highlighting the fact that the body positivity movement is being hijacked by people who are already accepted in society and subsequently pushing out the people it was originally meant for which is fat people." 

She added that all women should be comfortable in their skin, "however, it’s not a secrete that slimmer bodies have more privileges than fat bodies. Fatphobia is systemic hence the start of the body positivity movement."

 Thickleeyonce also tweeted an apology. 

"I’m sorry if you feel like I’m being off or weird or I’m attacking you, that’s not my intention. It’s not a skinny vs fat fight, it’s literally just fat bodies asking to get the same respect and acceptance as smaller bodies.”

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