ThickLeeyonce talks #BodyPositivity and Social Media Trolls

ThickLeeyonce talks #BodyPositivity and Social Media Trolls

#BodyPositivity ambassador Thickleeyonce opens up about the issues she has had to deal with and her vision for the future.

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Lesego Legobane, aka Thickleeyonce, has attained herself quiet the social media popularity as an outspoken individual who is comfortable in her own skin. 

Belly belly gang yea I’m wid it 🙋🏾‍♀️👸🏾🍫

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As a blogger, Thickleeyonce has shared her personal journey into loving the body she is in. She is a body positive activist who embraces her womanhood and encourages all women, of different shapes and sizes, to do so too. In 2017, the Potchefstoom-born photographer went viral when she responded to a body-shaming tweet comparing her to a well known African model. 

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Unfortunately for her, this was not the first nor the last time that she has had to deal with social media trolls, who try to bring her down because of her weight. 

With the negative social media backlash was also the positive love she received from women who would email her and walk up to her in public to thank her for making them believe that they were beautiful as they were. 

2017 was bitter sweet, I experienced so much body shaming, I got called all kinds of derogatory names, some days it hurt so much, most days I didn’t give a fuck, and this is the reason why...I am on holiday in Mozambique, having breakfast with my family and this beautiful girl comes to me and start crying and thanking me for helping her to learn to love herself...”I am dressed like this because of you,” she says. Every time I go out, I meet so many beautiful girls (big and small) who always have stories to share with me about how they struggled with self esteem issues but have now found inner peace by loving themselves because they see me doing it...and I cry with them every single time. A lot of them see me as a big sister or as a best friend even if it’s their first time meeting me because they have felt a deep connection with me through my social media posts. I know I also get 100s of DMs and emails and it’s unfortunate that I can’t always reply to all of them, but it warms my heart when you guys say you learned to love yourselves by watching me love myself, sometimes I don’t even get it, it sounds crazy! Me? Really? Lol! No ways!!! But I love all of you, I might not know you all personally, but it warms up my heart to know I could have that sort of impact in someone’s life. I will always fight for fat girls to do whatever the fuck they want, too many young girls have issues that affect them so badly all in the name of “beauty” and that’s fucked up. So when people are cruel towards me, I always say it’s okay, God placed me here because He knew I could handle it, He would never let me go through something I won’t survive. The movement is bigger than me. (Thank you to my godmother @mami_manaledi_diale for capturing this moment with Liah.) (Music: Alessia Cara @alessiasmusic Scars to your beautiful)

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East Coast Urban with Thandolwethu spoke to the photographer about her being a role model, her #BodyPositivity movement, and dealing with the social media trolls. 

Have a listen to the interview below: 

Do you suffer from self esteem issues related to your weight? share your stories below. 

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