Simphiwe Dana reveals her mother has COVID-19

Simphiwe Dana reveals her mother has COVID-19

"I have faith she will pull through," says Simphiwe Dana about her mother's coronavirus diagnosis.

Simphiwe Dana
Simphiwe Dana / Instagram

Simphiew Dana's family is praying for the speedy recovery of their matriarch.

The singer revealed on Instagram that her mother has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Simphiwe revealed that the retired nurse returned to the frontlines of the pandemic to lend a helping hand. 

"My mother, seen here dancing with her little cancer patients, has been diagnosed with the corona virus. She is now a retired nurse who went back to work for an old age home because nursing to her is a calling," the 'Fireband' hitmaker wrote on Instagram.

Simphiwe added that her mother has diabetes - which puts her in one of the high-risk groups. 

"She is recovering at home and seems to be ok. She has diabetes. Still, I have faith she will pull through."

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Simphiwe begged her followers to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

"Now that we are starting to see Covid deaths of our close friends and families, I beg you to stop throwing the term herd immunity around. You are risking people’s lives. It is irresponsible."

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