Musa Mseleku hits back at Simphiwe Dana

Musa Mseleku hits back at Simphiwe Dana

If you decide to attack someone on social media, regardless of whether you think you are in the right, be sure to know that they will hit back and defend themselves.


Polygamy, this is a hot topic nowadays. A show called 'Mnakwethu', hosted by Musa Mseleku, who is a proud polygamist, is getting mixed reviews. What Mseleku does on the show is help men who need a second person in the room when they ask their wives for permission to take a second wife. Musa comes in as a form of a moral support for these men.

Mseleku has come under fire in the past few days. Simphiwe Dana took to her social media to express how she felt about the show.

She claimed the narrative of the show often portrays women as objects for sale by men on the show. Dana thinks the show humiliates women and added that Mseleku is enjoying the humiliation part.

See below what Dana tweeted to her fans:

Mseleku is now responding to her attacks, saying South Africa is not open minded.- and that they are "too Westernised".

"I'm glad that people are talking about this, even though I feel that their anger only exposes the kind of society we live in. South Africans are not as open-minded as they pretend to be when it comes to culture, because they are too westernised.

"If they are complaining that polygamy, as portrayed on Mnakwethu is somehow inaccurate, then they should at least learn the history enough to point out what needs to be changed." Musa says.

IMAGE: IG of Simphiwe Dana and Musa Mseleku

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