Simphiwe Dana opens up to Stacey Norman!

Simphiwe Dana on her new album and lockdown life

Simphiwe Dana has released her new, long-awaited album called "Bamako".

Screenshot: Instagram

Simphiwe Dana chatted to Stacey Norman about her new album release and her current life under lockdown. 

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Xhosa singer and songwriter, Simphiwe Dana, has been hailed as the "new Miriam Makeba". Her unique combination of Jazz, Afro-Soul, Rap and Traditional music has endeared her to fans across the country. Dana is also known for her creative social commentary and activism through music as a political art form.

Stacey spoke to Dana about how the lockdown has impacted her life and about the significance of the title of her new album. 

Listen to the podcast to hear what Simphiwe Dana had to say. 

Listen to the podcast to hear more. 

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