Rolling Stone slammed for calling Harry Styles the "new King of Pop"

Rolling Stone slammed for calling Harry Styles the "new King of Pop"

There is only one 'King of Pop'! Michael Jackson's nephew reacts to Rolling Stone magazine's new cover. 

Harry Styles
Harry Styles/ YouTube (Harry Styles)

English singer Harry Styles is causing some controversy with his latest Rolling Stone UK cover. The magazine has come under fire for calling the former One Direction member the "new King of Pop". 

While Harry's fans are thrilled with the label, Michael Jackson's fans are less than impressed. 

"Even if you like Harry’s music, which I admit I do, how do you put them on the same level," one Twitter user asked.

MJ's nephew, Taj Jackson, also weighed in on the discussion. 

"There is no new King of Pop. You don’t own the title @RollingStone, and you didn’t earn it, my uncle did. Decades of dedication and sacrifice. The title has been retired. No disrespect to @Harry_Styles, he’s mega talented. Give him his own unique title," Taj, who is the son of Tito Jackson, tweeted. 

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Harry has had a successful 2022 thanks to his hit single, 'As It Was' - which has broken several music records

The song spent 10 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It features on his new album, 'Harry's House'

Despite Harry proving himself as a successful solo artist, many don't believe he has done enough to hold the title of "King of Pop".

"When Michael Jackson departed this world, the title of "King of Pop" left with him. It's an insult to give that label to anyone considering the struggles the Jackson family went through back in the day to get to where they are. it's retired," one Twitter user wrote

Another user added: "Every few years the press display an artist on their covers & declare him a “new King of Pop.” It’s a tired ploy, a trick for PR. So far they’ve announced several new “kings” with most of them now forgotten. But not so with MJ. He is, will always be, the King of Pop. He earned it." 

Rolling Stone magazine previously called Justin Timberlake the "new King of Pop" in 2003. 

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Main image credit: YouTube/ Harry Styles ('As It Was' music video)

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