Madonna says music has changed and is 'confusing'

Madonna talks about how some of today's music is "confusing"

"I get confused by people's music. And also there are just too many artists on songs."

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The Queen of Pop, Madonna, is known for her constant innovation and versatility in music production.

She has written chart-topping songs, performed on countless stages, and won many awards.

As an expert songwriter, she says she has recently found herself confused by some of the new music that is coming out from her fellow musicians. 

"I think what's changed the most is just the songs. Songs have changed," she told Paper Magazine

She added that the main problem lies in songwriting where musicians no longer follow the pattern of including an intro, the middle part, and an ending.

"The concept of songwriting. I'm just, give me a song. I need a beginning, a middle and an end. You know what I mean?" she told the publication.

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However, some of the ways the new songs have been written has left her feeling 'confused'. 

"I get confused by people's music," she told the publication. 

She adds that although collaborations are good, sometimes there are just too many voices on one song. 

"And also there are just too many artists on songs. I feel chaotic when I listen to them," she added. 

The 'Hung Up' hitmaker says her motivation for writing good music comes from curiosity and the desire to provoke people. 

"I would call it curiosity - the desire to provoke people and wake people up. I hate repeating myself," she told the publication. 

She also spoke about her passion to empower women within the entertainment industry. 

"I was very much invested in empowering women too and that was a very big part of the storytelling," she said. 

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