Ouch! AKA’s crowd surfing attempt ends in disaster

Ouch! AKA’s crowd surfing attempt ends in disaster

Supa Mega endured a nasty fall while trying to crowd surf, but he continued performing like a pro. 

AKA in a plane
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Gravity was not on AKA's side when he attempted to crowd surf during one of his shows. 

A video has surfaced online that shows the rapper holding his head in agony after the incident. It's unclear when the  footage was taken, but judging by his Michael Jackson-inspired Jheri curl hairdo, it likely happened some time in 2020.

According to some Twitter users, the incident occurred during one of his performances in the North West. 

Musicians are famous for diving into the audience, who then pass them from person to person to create a crowd surfing effect.

But Newton's law of universal gravitation showed AKA flames. 

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It seems AKA's weight was not directly proportional to the product of the crowd's arm muscle mass and the square of the distance between him and the concrete surface resulted in the 'Fela in Versace' hitmaker hitting the floor hard.

So hard, he needed to catch his breath for a few seconds. 

But being the pro that he is, AKA continued his performance - while lying on the floor.

What he was trying to do...

It's not the first time AKA has had a crowd surfing fail - though it is probably the first time he had the wind knocked out of him.

Security had to rescue him in 2018 when he jumped into the crowd - wearing expensive jewelry we might add - and instead of crowd surfing, the excited audience pulled him to the ground. 

Eish, maybe AKA should give up this crowd surfing thing or invest in some robotic wings?

AKA appears to have since recovered from his nasty fall. He was in Malawi a few days ago for a performance at Epic Lounge - where hopefully no crowd surfing took place.

AKA is not the only A-list star who took a tumble during a show. Oprah Winfrey became an instant meme this past weekend when she fell on stage during her '2020 Vision' wellness tour in Los Angeles. 

Ironically, Oprah was talking about balance when she lost her balance. 

Like AKA, Queen O dusted herself off and kept it moving.

The show must go on!


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Main image courtesy of Instagram/@akaworldwide

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