Bonang on AKA and DJ Zinhle split drama: "Keep my name out this mess"

Bonang on AKA and DJ Zinhle split drama: "Keep my name out this mess"

South Africa's media darling is staying in her lane and minding her own business. 

Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba/ Instagram

Bonang Matheba wants nothing to do with AKA and DJ Zinhle's break-up drama. 

Queen B is sick and tired of her name constantly being brought up whenever social media users discuss Zinhle and AKA's on-again, off-again relationship.

"Keep my name out this mess," she wrote in a since deleted tweet.

Bonang was responding to a Twitter user who said she "can't wait for Bonang and Zinhle to make up".

"Two of the most hard working personalities in our industry can not be divided by a man when they can soar higher together. Moghel throw the first bone," the tweep wrote. 

Zinhle was trending on Twitter again this week after AKA was pictured spending the Valentine's Day weekend with his rumoured new boo in Cape Town. 

The 'Fela In Versace' hitmaker was not shy about sharing pictures and videos from their romantic trip on his Instagram Stories. 

AKA and Nelli
AKA and his rumoured new girlfriend / Instagram Stories

Social media users were shocked that AKA moved on from Zinhle so quickly - who as early as January was still making sweet comments about the rapper. 

The rapper decided to set the record straight about their break-up timeline. 

"I’ve been single since 2019. What was I supposed to do? Inform you?" he tweeted. 

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AKA added that he is glad that a video of him kissing a "mystery" woman was shared online several weeks ago. 

"That TMZ style video someone took of me while out for dinner the other night was probably one of the biggest favors someone ever did me. Thank You whomever that was," he wrote. 

The rapper also responded to a fan who accused him of humiliating Zinhle with his post-split behaviour.

"Humiliated by what? A relationship not working out and someone moving on? Cut the bullsh*t," AKA wrote. 

Some social media users were not buying AKA's story about when he broke up with Zinhle.

"DJ Zinhle literally posted AKA in December saying that she miss his kisses, today he’s saying he’s been single since 2019," one user wrote.

Another user added: "When Zinhle posted on insta "I definitely cannot live without Kiernan's cuddles" and a day later AKA confirmed the breakup, I knew he had no regard for her feelings whatsoever. Yho this guy." 

But many Twitter users also came to the rapper's defence. Several tweeps said he should be allowed to move on without people constantly bringing up Zinhle's name. 

"So AKA must stay in a relationship where he is not happy for the sake of Zinhle, aninyi perhaps?" 

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