Twittersphere unimpressed by AKA's 'Fela in Versace' music video

Twittersphere unimpressed by AKA's 'Fela in Versace' music video

AKA's new music video seems to be a fail in the eyes of Twitter users, Mariah is back, and Kylie Jenner gets real about bullying. Get your Friday edition of #HotGoss here.

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AKA in 'Fela in Versace' / YouTube

Fans aren't loving AKA's latest music video

Supa Mega is making headlines after his new music video for 'Fela in Versace' dropped on Thursday. 

While AKA is usually known for flashy music videos with all 'dem extras, the majority of Twitter users are saying that the visuals in the video were a fail, although the song itself is flames.

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'Fela in Versace' features Nigerian record producer, Kiddominant. Since the video was uploaded to YouTube, it already has over 120,000 views and trended at number three at the time of writing.

Watch the music video below:

Here's what some Twitter users had to say about the video:

After seeing the video, what do you make of it? Vote in the poll below:

Mariah Carey is back with new music

GTFO and shut the front door - Mariah Carey has a new song! 

The diva released new music on Thursday. The sultry single is called 'GTFO' (short for 'Get the F**k out') and is the perfect track to play for a partner who has wronged you... *points to the door*.

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Some of the lyrics include:

Don't tell me these lies when you're bluffing
How 'bout you get the f**k out?
Go stay at your friend's house or something
Don't mean to be rude, but take your s**t and leave
(How 'bout you)
Go stay at your friend's house or something
(How 'bout you)
Go and stay with your homeboy, you was talking to
(How 'bout you)
I ain't tryna be rude, but you're lucky
(How 'bout you)
I ain't kick your a** out last weekend

Here's a snippet of the track:

You can listen to the full song here. Warning: Contains Profanity 

At 48, Mariah is still looking as gorgeous as ever. Like a fine wine, she only gets better with age. 

Kylie Jenner talks bullying in emotional video 

Being in the public eye as much as the Kardashians and Jenners are, they often find themselves at the mercy of trolls who use their online identity to spew hate and viciousness. 

Big name celebs like Kylie Jenner go through real-life issues too. Her sister, Kendall took to her Twitter account to share an emotional video posted a few years ago by her sister, Kylie, who confessed that she was a victim of bullying. 

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In the emotional video, Kylie tells of what age bullying began for her and went on to share some much-needed advice to innocent victims. 

It's refreshing to see the realness of a celebrity opening themselves up and being vulnerable for a change.

Watch below:

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