Musa Mthombeni and Liesl Laurie celebrate 1,000 days of marriage

Aww! Musa Mthombeni and Liesl Laurie celebrate 1,000 days of marriage

Will you follow in Liesl and Musa's footsteps and add 1,000 days of marriage to your anniversary celebrations?

Musa Mthombeni and his wife Liesl Laurie
Musa Mthombeni and Liesl Laurie / Instagram (@liesllaurie)

Happy 2.73973 years, aka 1000 days, of marriage to Dr Musa Mthombeni and his wife, former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie

The couple celebrated the milestone in their living room with balloons that read "1,000". Musa also bought Liesl something from Louis Vuitton.

We think these two might be onto something. Louis Vuitton for 1,000 days of marriage? Where do we sign up?!

Liesl told her Instagram followers that they should consider getting married because "kumnandi", which means "it's nice". 

"Shadani guys! As soon as humanly possible. Don't waste time! Kumnandi La! 1000 days of marriage to my everything. I love this man, please!!!" the 33-year-old wrote. 

Musa replied: "Do it tomorrow. Don’t waste time."

Liesl's followers think she won in life for finding such an amazing husband. 

"Every wife or wife-to-be deserves this kind of love and more. Jealous down, love is beautiful!" one follower wrote.

Another added: "Congratulations you too. You have absolutely given marriage some great PR and I love it! May your union stand time and your home ever be filled with love and joy."

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Musa also celebrated 1,000 days of marriage with a sweet post dedicated to his wife.

"Celebrating all the moments includes celebrating 1000 days married to my beautiful Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni. On this day, 1000 days ago, I said, 'I do, nja yam' to this beautiful lady, and I have not looked back since. To a thousand more forevers with you, my baby. 18 August 2021," the 34-year-old former 'YoTV' child star wrote. 

Musa's fans also praised him for being the husband of the century.

"She’s LOVED RIGHT! How it should be. To many more 1000 days Mthombeni’s. It’s beautiful to watch and pleasing!" one Instagram user wrote.

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Main image credit: Instagram/liesllaurie

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