Former YoTV star Khanya Mkangisa is a mom

Former YoTV star Khanya Mkangisa is a mom

Former child star Khanya Mkangisa is all grown up and just became a mom for the first time...

Khanya Mkangisa holding a bouquet of white roses
Khanya Mkangisa/ Instagram (@ilovekhanya)

Khanya Mkangisa has revealed that she is the mom of a baby boy. 

The former YoTV presenter and actress shared her baby news in a new interview with Nounouche magazine. The baby's father is Desmond Williams.

The couple have known each other since childhood. 

"When we found out, we were in disbelief. It’s crazy how you’ll still be shocked although it was like uhh, what did you think would happen? But you just never know what the universe wants and what God has planned for you so I cried, obviously. I’ve been crying a lot with my pregnancy, it’s just so emotional… Every day I couldn’t believe that I was baking a whole human," the 35-year-old told the publication. 

Khanya says she waited to have a child because she didn't want to rush into motherhood before she was ready. She has no regrets about the path she chose.

"Now I feel like I’m fulfilled, I have fulfilled my purpose. I’ve lived my life. I’ve travelled, I mean there’s always room for more. But then you realise who’s to say you can’t still do those things? But for the most part, all my dreams I really have tried to reach them in the best way possible," she told Nounouche.

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Khanya did not share any further details about her baby boy. She also has not shared any pictures of him yet. 

Motherhood has changed her in many ways, including when it comes to her career. 

She wants to explore roles that are "more meaningful, more legacy projects". 

“I mean now that I am a mom, it is definitely going to be different... I don’t if you’ve noticed but the content now on TV is very sexual so I also don’t really want to be too type-cast but also just because I am a mom, I don’t want to be too conservative and shy away from who I am. 

"I still want to be Khanya, the Khanya that I am known for. But I want to make better and informed decisions. And I don’t want to be an IT girl or a Slay Queen type character- I don’t want to be typecast like that. And I feel like I have shown diversity and range with my acting," she said. 

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Musa Mthombeni is now a medical doctor. He is married to former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie.  

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Main image credit: Instagram/ilovekhanya

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