Lord Farquaad is that you? The funky, cool, bizarre hairstyles of AKA

Lord Farquaad is that you? The funky, cool, bizarre hairstyles of AKA

From the Jheri curl to Marley twists, AKA has been sporting some interesting hairdos in 2020. 

AKA on TikTok
AKA/ TikTok

Rapper AKA is known for his smash hits, Kanye West-like ego, Trump-like Twitter fingers, and we can now add funky, cool, and bizarre hairstyles to the list. 

The 'Fela In Versace' hitmaker has been growing his hair out for several months now and trying out some new looks along the way. 

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AKA is being very adventurous when it comes to his choice of hairdos, which makes for some interesting styles. 

It's been a bit of hit and miss, but AKA couldn't be bothered with what anyone thinks!

Here's a look at some of his 2020 looks. 

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The curly fro

AKA's curly fro had many of his female fans swooning. Some even wished they had his curls. 

The Jheri curl 

AKA drew inspiration from Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' days for this Jheri curl hairdo. 

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The Marley twists

AKA rocked these twists during a visit to Malawi in February. 

The bun fade

There's the man bun and then there is the bun fade. The latter has been rocked by male stars such as Jason Derulo, Collin Farrell, Omarion, and now AKA. 

NOT the Bangyang 

AKA shocked his fans this month when he straightened his Jheri curls to take part in the 'Not the Bangyang' challenge. The challenge is typically used to express people's dislike for hairstyles with bangs. 

AKA has zero bangs but could not resist participating. He should have sat this challenge out though, because social media users likened his blowout to Lord Farquaad's signature hairdo. 


Hold up. Not the ... 🧑🏻

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