WATCH: AKA and his boo take on popular couple's challenge

WATCH: AKA and his boo take on popular couple's challenge

Awww, AKA and his girlfriend, Nelli Tembe, are couple goals in this cute video he shared on TikTok. 

AKA and Nelli Tembe
AKA and Nelli Tembe/ TikTok

AKA and his bae Nelli Tembe are still going strong. The lovebirds, who started dating earlier this year, have been giving their fans a glimpse into their romance on social media.

AKA and Neli made their TikTok debut last month, and they are back with another cute video.

The 'Congratulate' hitmaker took to the video-sharing app to share a clip of themselves taking part in a couple's challenge that has been trending on social media throughout the lockdown.

Couples have to answer a set of questions like "who is the messiest?" while closing their eyes so they don't see each other's responses.

We learned that AKA is not only the messiest one in the relationship but he also spends the most money. 

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AKA's fans are happy that he is happy in love.  

"Something endearing about this dude when he’s in’s really nice to see," one fan wrote.

Another added: "AKA loves LOUD when he’s really in love, you see this woman, he loves her." 

While AKA and Neli have started popping up more on social media these days, don't expect her to appear in his music videos anytime soon.

Earlier this year, fans asked if Neli would feature in his 'Cross My Heart' video - which many are convinced is dedicated to his new boo - but the rapper said: "not a chance." 

"She’s VERY private. First non celebrity I’ve dated since uhm ... 2008." he tweeted. 

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