Linda Mtoba praised for embracing her stretch marks

Linda Mtoba praised for embracing her stretch marks

"This is what we want to see in 2024, real beauty no filters" - social media users react to Linda Mtoba's latest bikini picture.

Linda Mtoba sitting on a sun lounger
Linda Mtoba/ Instagram (@linda_mtoba)

South African actress Linda Mtoba has been applauded for proudly showing off her stretch marks

The mother of one shared a selfie of herself relaxing on a sun lounger. She is wearing a baby blue bikini in the picture. 

Stretch marks, or tiger stripes as some moms call them, are visible on her lower stomach.

Some of Linda's fans admitted they are ashamed of their stretch marks. They praised her for showing her true self on social media. 

"I love that you are not afraid to show your pregnancy skin...I struggled for a long time. Thank you for ladies like you...You make them look like a thing of God's gift. God bless you and happy new year mommy..." one woman said. 

Another woman added: "Can all the lovely mommies gather here ❤️. Thank you. Linda. We love you."

A third person commented: "This is what we want to see in 2024, real beauty no filters ..I always love her." 

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Celebrities have often come under fire for editing their pictures and encouraging unrealistic beauty standards

However, Linda and stars such as Kourtney Kardashian and Ashley Graham - who also shared a picture of their stretch marks in the past, are changing the narrative. 

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It's not the first time Linda has encouraged women to love their bodies "flaws" and all. 

In 2021, she wrote a poem about her postpartum body. 

"I remember touching you and feeling a stranger /In the darkness I’d hold you hoping you’d feel familiar /I'd run my fingers down you and try to find traces of you, the old you but this was new," she wrote. 

Linda added: "So bruised, so stretched. So not me."

But the actress, whose daughter 'Bean' turned four in October, revealed in the poem that she learned how to love her body again.

"This body, my body, was a stranger/ We worked hard to get to know each other again. We worked even harder to love me again/ I found her, deep within the layers of my skin, I found her/ I’m happy to be with her again, though bruised and scarred she remains."

Read Linda's full poem in the post below. 

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Main image credit: Instagram/@linda_mtoba


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