Linda Mtoba: “The oddest thing is women trying to shame me cause I 'don’t cook'”

Linda Mtoba: “The oddest thing is women trying to shame me cause I 'don’t cook'”

Actress Linda Mtoba has no time to prove that she is a good makoti!

Linda Mtoba
Linda Mtoba/ Instagram

South African actress Linda Mtoba got married to Steven Meyer in a lavish traditional wedding in 2018.

Since assuming her new role as a wife and mother, Mtoba has faced a lot of societal pressure and has been sharing her challenges on social media. 

A few months ago, she received backlash from social media users for breastfeeding her child who is over a year. Tweeps felt that the child is too old to be breastfed. 

Mtoba put the critics in their place by telling them that health experts recommend breastfeeding until the age of two. 

Linda Mtoba Instagram story
Linda Mtoba Instagram story/ Screensho

As if dealing with motherhood pressure was not enough, now the actress is facing another challenge. 

In society, a wife is often expected to maintain her home by doing domestic chores such as cleaning, cooking, and laundry. 

Sadly, this puts a lot of pressure on women, especially those that don’t enjoy doing such chores, and Linda Mtoba is one of them. 

The ‘Isibaya’ actress took to Twitter to address those who believe that being a good wife is measured by how good you are with household duties. 

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She slammed those who have been shaming her because she is not the typical woman who cooks for her family daily. 

“The oddest thing is woman trying to shame me cause I 'don’t cook',” she wrote on Twitter. 

She added that cooking for her is not a daily chore, but she prefers to do it only when she feels like it.

“We all have different lifestyle choices I prefer to cook when I feel like it. It’s not a chore I need to do everyday."

Mtoba doesn’t believe women should prove their worth through domestication. 

"I don’t have to prove my worth through domestication. Even if I hated it & didn’t want to do it’s my choice to make.”

The mother called out other women to stop putting unnecessary pressure on those of the same sex. 

“Woman must stop this notion of domestication as a badge of honor especially in marriage. Let other woman be. Our love Languages are not the same. Our marriages are not the same, some of our husbands like to see us relaxing & pampered being soft,” she wrote.

Image courtesy of Instagram/ @Lindamtoba

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