Artist encourages women to embrace their stretch marks

Artist encourages women to embrace their stretch marks

An artist decided to push women to embrace their 'imperfections' and the response she received has been overwhelming.

Stretch marks

Pakistani artist Sarah Shakeel went onto social media and asked her followers to send her pictures of their stretch marks, which she turned into art.

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Sarah went on to call this the #glitterstretchmarks game and received around 300 emails of stretchmarks, cellulite, scars, and she even managed to get some guys to step forward!

This is a pretty unique way of looking at stretch marks.

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I'm all for embracing one's unique self while working hard to be the best version of yourself. Sure, this is a bit far out, but it's refreshing making art out of something usually deemed in poor light. In saying that, I am not too bothered about my roadmap because this parenting thing is an adventure.

Tell me, how do you feel about your stretch marks? I would love to know. 

You guys have NAILED the #glitterstretchmarks game!I I cannot explain how overwhelmed I was to see around 300 emails of stretchmarks, cellulite, scars and the best part is I am getting requests from men asking if I can put glitter on their marks too! Isn't that just fabulous! ... How each and everyone of you wanted me to make you guys a part of my art! Litrelly I had to go through each and every email reply them and let them know how normal and beautiful it is to own one of these stripes! I promised you guys I'll make you a part of my art! I have been super busy with my upcoming exhibition here in my home country! But i had to take a little time out to fullfil my promise! For those who are still waiting , Do look into my stories and you might find your edit! Thank you once again for being with me on this! Relating and creating art together & forever!!!! I love you all 🌹🌹 . Btw for those who listen to @bbcasiannetwork on radio ill be there talking about glitter stretchmarks and well tbh who i really am! At 12pm london time . Those who want to buy my prints from the exhibition you can email at [email protected] they'll let you know! . . CollageArt.SaraShakeel . . #art #love #life #artist #happy #lovemyjob #inlove #instagram #inspiration #vision #bodypositivity #theweekoninstagram

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