Breaking News: AKA slaps Cassper

Breaking News: AKA slaps Cassper

The plot thickens. Just when we thought the storm was over - AKA goes and slaps Cassper Nyovest.


Last Night Rappers AKA and Khuli Chana were performing live a upmarket club in Johannesburg. 

What started as a normal night out for the classy Sandton crowd, slowly turned into a scene from the movie about Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. 

Cassper Nyovest and his boys decided to have a night out at the same club. 

According to Cassper he was just minding his own business, having a good time when all of a sudden AKA came over to his table and slapped him out of the blue.

If this is all part of a huge marketing scheme then, they have just taken it to the the next level. 

These two are so good that I don’t think that they need to be playing pretend. 

My only question in all of this is, how does Ricky Rick and De Les get along?

Cassper shared this picture on Twitter after being slapped by AKA:


On top of that he decided to share the clip everyone was waiting to see of AKA hitting a fan at this year's Durban July.


UPDATE: AKA has commented on the incident and says he didn't do anything.

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