Bonnie Mbuli bans her sons from using TikTok

Bonnie Mbuli bans her sons from using TikTok

Bonnie says she has seen some "concerning" things on the TikTok app. 

Bonnie Mbuli and her children
Bonnie Mbuli and her family/ Instagram

TikTok has taken over the world with celebrities - young and old - using the app to share "cool" short-form videos.

But one star thinks the app is not so cool for children. Actress Bonnie Mbuli has revealed that her children, Micaiah and Haniel, are banned from using TikTok.

"My kids are banned from that tik tok app, the level of vigilance required from parents in this Information age is higher grade," she tweeted. 

Bonnie added that she is concerned by what children are being exposed to on the popular app. 

"I’ve repeatedly come across concerning content that kids are exposed to without needing to even follow those individuals, even though it’s on the “discover" feed, kids are not discerning enough to protect themselves from catching damaging strays."

Kim Kardashian revealed earlier this month that her six-year-old daughter North West has TikTok, but she is not allowed to post anything. 

North made her TikTok debut in January when she featured in a video with her friend Caiden Mills. 

Kim also shared her first TikTok video with North a few days ago. 

The mommy-and-daughter pair can be seen dancing in the clip. 

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Caiden and North making TikTok. Legends.

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Tik Tok

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Several other celebrity moms, including Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, and Connie Ferguson, have tried TikTok with their kids. 

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Me and my 🦁@TikTok

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TikTok has an age restriction of 13 and teenagers under 18 require permission from their parents. 

Mbuli believes that children can be easily influenced on apps like TikTok and need constant supervision. 

"Children are impressionable, they immediately assume that because it’s on the internet, it must be cool. I'm not always there to monitor what they’re exposed to so I’d rather keep it tidy and safe," she added on Twitter.

Bonnie has good reason to be concerned. 

South African parents were recently warned about the dangers of TikTok's viral 'skull crusher' challenge.

The challenge, which is also known at the 'tripping challenge', has taken over schools across the country. 

Pupils across the globe have been seen in several videos kicking or tripping an unsuspecting learner while he/she jumps into the air. 

The KwaZulu-Natal Parents Association warned that the challenge can cause serious injury. 

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