Billie Eilish dragged into Tammy Taylor Nails drama

Billie Eilish dragged into Tammy Taylor Nails drama

Just when you think the Tammy Taylor Nails drama couldn't get crazier, Melany Viljoen casually adds Billie Eilish's name into the mix... 

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Melany Viljoen, Billie Eilish/ Instagram (@melanyviljoen, @billieeilish)

The Tammy Taylor VS Melany and Peet Viljoen lawsuit just got weirder.  

Grammy Award-winner Billie Eilish's name was mentioned in a video shared by Melany in response to Tammy's lawsuit. 

The U.S. philanthropist founded Tammy Taylor Nails in the 80s, and the brand is now known in several other countries. 

Tammy is suing the Viljoens for $100 million over their continued use of the brand's name despite the licence allegedly ending. According to Tammy,  the couple is no longer affiliated with her and is illegally using her copyright and trademark. 

She released a video last week slamming the couple.

Melany has since released her own video in response to Tammy's claims. She is adamant that she has every right to use the Tammy Taylor name in South Africa. 

Melany said a lot in her three-part videos, but one detail left social media users confused.  

She wrote in the caption of her first video: "The moment my trust was broken: TAMMY SOLD IT TO BILLIE EILISH."

The video did not mention Billie, but Melany told her followers to watch part two of her video for more details.

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According to Melany, during the COVID-19 pandemic the Viljoens provided masks to frontline workers and "even gifted the president and all his staff in South Africa masks". 

They then decided to send some masks to Tammy and her team in America. 

Enter Billie Eilish.  According to Melany, Tammy then gave them to... Billie. 

"We later then found out, as confessed by Tammy herself, that she sold the masks to none other than Billie Eilish, who gifted them away to frontline workers in their country. This confirmed Peet's suspicion. And so my trust in her was broken as well as the relationship," Melany said. 

Watch all the videos Melany shared in response to Tammy's lawsuit here: Tammy Taylor Nails SA: An alleged stolen identity and lawsuit.

Tammy Taylor is reportedly Billie's go-to nail artist. The 'What Was I Made For' hitmaker has been spotted rocking the brand's nail artwork several times, including on the cover of Vanity Fair. 

She even mentioned them in a video she recorded for Vogue magazine. 

Speaking to Vanity Fair in 2021, Tammy revealed that Billie is a "nail girl, through and through". 

"She talks with her hands, she sings with her hands, she dances with her hands," she told the publication.

Billie has absolutely nothing to do with the Tammy lawsuit against the Viljoens, but Melany name-dropping the musician has people talking. 

"Why is Billie even in this," one TikTok user commented under Melany''s video.

Another user added: "It keeps getting interesting."

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