Tammy Taylor Nails SA: An alleged stolen identity and lawsuit

Tammy Taylor Nails SA: An alleged stolen identity and lawsuit

The US nail entrepreneur has filed a lawsuit against a South African couple for allegedly stealing her brand name and selling fake franchises.

Screenshots of Tammy Taylor and Melanie Viljoen
@tammytaylornails and @melviljoen / TikTok

Tammy Taylor, a US-based nail technician turned entrepreneur, recently filed a lawsuit against two South Africans - Melany and Peet Viljoen.


My Official Statement regarding Melany and Peet Viljoen

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In response to this, Melany Viljoen shared a video from her side claiming that she worked hand-in-hand with Taylor to build a brand alongside hers.

“It was a collaborative effort and Tammy herself strongly encouraged us to use her identity and content, which initially suited our needs as a brand,” said Viljoen.

Melany also claimed that Taylor did not have her own lab.

Take a look at part 1 and part 2 of Melany's videos below:

@melviljoen ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: I am speaking my truth PART 1 We were lied to: TAMMY FOOLED US The moment my trust was broken: TAMMY SOLD IT TO BILLIE EILISH Carte Blanche: HAPPY SIMELANE Today, we stand firm in our ownership of the Tammy Taylor name in South Africa, ready to confront misconceptions and false narratives head-on. It's time to set the record straight, to shed light on the reality behind the facade, and to reclaim our narrative. This video is a testament to our journey, our resilience, and our unwavering dedication to the truth. - - - #tammytaylor #tammytaylornails #mytruth ♬ original sound - Mel Viljoen
@melviljoen ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Speaking my Truth Part 2 Our journey with Tammy Taylor has been a rollercoaster of shattered trust and broken promises. From false assurances of exclusive product origins to Billie’s story that only confirmed to me Tammy’s betrayal during the COVID-19 pandemic, thus my belief in Tammy's integrity crumbled because she was still able to fool us in times of need. No more glossing over the facts: it's time to expose the reality. Part 3 coming soon, Carte Blanche and Happy Simelane - - - #TammyTaylor #mytruth #tammytaylornails ♬ original sound - Mel Viljoen

Last night, Taylor shared another clip. According to the video, she filed a lawsuit on 2 April 2024 against the Viljoens and is seeking $100-million (around R1.8-billion) in damages from them.

In the video shared to social media by Taylor, she stated:

Taylor further claimed that the Viljoens used her name, copyrights, and trademarks on social media and in advertisements to falsely claim that they were still affiliated with her brand when she said they were not.

Take a look:


A message from Tammy Taylor

♬ original sound - Tammy Taylor Nails
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