Baby Riri! Rihanna does a double take after spotting her mini-me

Baby RiRi! Rihanna does a double take after spotting her mini-me

Rihanna almost dropped her phone when she saw this picture of her mini doppelgänger.

Rihanna lookalike Ala'a
Rihanna's doppelgänger Ala'a / Instagram

A picture of a seven-year-old girl who looks just like Rihanna has the internet "shook".

Some Twitter users thought the image was from RiRi's childhood and were shocked to find out she was not the famous star.

"I thought this was the start of the face app young challenge," one Instagram user wrote.

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Another added: "Wait. What. Stop. I’m dead. I can’t. Handle. This."

Rihanna was equally surprised by the uncanny resemblance.

"Almost drop my phone. how?" the Fenty Beauty founder captioned a picture of the girl.

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The girl's amazing smile also caught the attention of Tyra Banks

The model is on a mission to find her.

"S.O.S. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME identify @badgalriri’s #freshfierceface mini-me!" Tyra wrote on Instagram. 

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It didn't take long for the girl's identity to be revealed. Ala’a Sky is quite the stunner. 

Her mother Bria says she has always wanted to be a model. 

With Rihanna and Tyra Banks in her corner, Ala'a could get the big break that she needs.

Who knows, she might even star in one of RiRi's Fenty campaigns in the near future.

Here's what social media users had to say about Rihanna's mini-me.

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