Rihanna makes use of curvy mannequins at her pop-up store

Rihanna makes use of curvy mannequins at her pop-up store

"Finally a realistic-looking model that takes into account women who are on the curvy side of life," says Thandolwethu.

Curvy Mannequins  / Twitter
Curvy Mannequins / Twitter

There's no secret that I am on a journey to getting my body and mind in check. Gym sessions, lots of water, and a good diet is the focus for the next few months. Come September, this queen is going to look like a million bucks! 

From magazines, the media, and even looking at mannequins, women are constantly bombarded with a notion of how the female body ought to look. 

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Have you ever stopped and wondered why a mannequin was made to look skinny? Have these fashion houses ever stopped to think how looking at a skinny model makes a woman of a fuller figure feel? 

Well, Rihanna has decided to turn the mannequin game on its head by embracing curvy versions at her pop-up Fenty store in New York. 

On Air With Ryan Seacrest reports that the store has 'standard' mannequins as well, but RiRi wanted to see how the clothing in the store would look on a curvy girl with 'thighs and a little bit of booty and hips'.

Social media is obviously ablaze and there's applause everywhere for the 'Wild Thoughts' star. Who can blame them - she's rich, talented, and embraces the fuller figure. Love it! 

Check out her unique mannequins in her store below:

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