Watch: Tyra Banks raps in new 'Be A Star' music video

Watch: Tyra Banks raps in new 'Be A Star' music video

Tyra Banks drops bars in a new music video, Stormi melts our hearts, and Lalla Hirayama is in love. This and more on Wednesday's' Hot Goss with Jane. 

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Tyra (not the doll) takes 'Be A Star' to another level

Remember the time when Tyra Banks starred as a doll named Eve in the 2000 Disney fantasy/comedy Life-Size featuring Lindsay Lohan? Well, the 'hit' movie (and we use that term loosely) is going to have a sequel. 

Life-Size 2 will be airing in December, and to celebrate, 'Eve' released a music video to help promote the upcoming film. 

Watch the trailer for Life-Size 2 below:

The song 'Be A Star' from the original has been remixed and features Tyra rapping her way through it, coupled with many outfit changes. 

The song has been modernised, and we're not quite sure how to feel about it. 

Millennials, get ready to be taken back to your childhood with this music video.

Lalla Hirayama is madly in love 

In case you may have missed the memo on Lalla Hirayama's social media, the 30-year-old is madly in love. 

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She is currently dating Kent Blake Henderson, a Brand Marketing Manager who has a deep jawline, gorgeous smile, and a killer body - the perfect companion for beautiful Lalla. 

She recently shared a picture from the SA Style Awards with bae, captioned: "No letting go. No holding back". 

It seems that Kent may just be the one for Lalla. They do make the most perfect couple. Jealous yet?

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Adorbs! Kylie Jenner teaches Stormi to talk

Teaching a baby to talk has to be one of the most entertaining things to witness ever. 

Kylie Jenner experienced this first hand when she recently tried to teach her nine-month-old daughter Stormi to talk - but it didn't quite go as planned.

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In a video on her Instagram, Kylie can be heard teaching Stormi how to say a very unconventional phrase just for laughs, but instead, the adorable girl had other words on her mind.

What a precious candid moment shared between mommy and baby. Cute! 

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trying to teach her some new words 🙄🤣😂😍😍😍

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