INSPIRING: The 99-year-old local who has beaten COVID-19 TWICE!

INSPIRING: The 99-year-old local who has beaten COVID-19 TWICE!

We look at a woman who has celebrated 99 years of life and has fought COVID-19 twice...

INSPIRING: Aunty Marie, the 99-year-old who beat COVID-19 not once but TWICE!
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As much as we try to concentrate on things that uplift us during these tough times, it can sometimes be extremely challenging. So when we hear about positive stories, we grab them with both hands.

After all, if we are feeling that way, we know that everyone is going through something similar. So, if we can, then why not share some hope and goodness? This story shows that the pandemic definitely has a mental effect as much as a physical one.

Marie Roberts is a resident at the Rand Aid Ron Smith Care Centre (RSCC) in Johannesburg and she recently celebrated her 99th birthday. Her story isn't just special because of her lifespan though; she is a symbol of the fighting spirit of someone who is led by hope, love, and faith. 

"She contracted COVID-19 in both the first and third waves and is renowned at the care centre as ‘a very strong lady who sailed through her second infection’. Marie contracted COVID-19 before being vaccinated but has since received her first vaccination and will have her second shot in September," Good Things Guy reports.

Aunty Marie's fight with COVID-19 twice at her age makes her our pillar of hope and we hope that this will give you the motivation and hope you require to get through whatever it is you are facing currently. 

It has been said that her love and enjoyment of music is what helped her through both of the times she faced the virus. 

"She had her small radio with her and entertained us in the isolation unit with her music every day. Aunty Marie has a very positive outlook on life and a very sharp sense of humour, which both helped her through her COVID-19 experience." (Good Things Guy)

Marie spoke fondly about her husband who she was married to for 72 years and passed on in November 2013. She expressed how much she still misses him and how they both had a love of music. 

Perhaps this is why music helped her fight the virus off, because of the sentimentality that she and her husband shared through music. 

We love her story and hope that she can be that pillar of strength and hope that so many of us need during these tough times. 

Marie shared that apart from music, her faith and family are two important factors for her. "My faith is very important to me. I have been very blessed to be part of a big, loving family and to have always had sisters to be my friends." (Marie - Good Things Guy).

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