"If I take too long to get my second jab, will the first wear off?" Prof Tulio answers

"If I take too long to get my second jab, will the first wear off?" Prof Tulio answers

With Pfizer requiring two jabs, what's the worst that could happen if you stall your second one? 


Prof Tulio joins Darren, Keri, and Sky on one of the best Breakfast Radio Shows every Wednesday morning answering all your COVID-19-related and vaccine-related questions. He is one the world's top virologists, virus-hunters, and bioinformaticians from UKZN's KRISP. 

We kicked off this morning's session asking whether one would need a third booster vaccination if they are travelling.

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Prof Tulio advises that it is not the case and elaborates further in the podcast below. The question that followed also asked whether children under the age of 7 don't have wear masks. 

He answers this with the two reasons why children under this age do not have to wear masks. 

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People are looking to travel now since South Africa and other countries are open. The UK, Greece, and other countries still have South Africa on the red list, which bans us from making our way in their countries. 

Prof Tulio shares why regardless of our COVID-19 cases going lower, we are still on the red list. 

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One of the other questions that came up is: 

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The highlight question from Wednesday morning was what happens when one takes too long to get the second jab, will the first wear off? 

Take a listen as Prof Tulio answers all these important questions: 

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