"The vaccine is very effective against the Delta variant" - Prof Tulio

"The vaccine is very effective against the Delta variant" - Prof Tulio

Prof Tulio de Oliveira shares some of the most important things to note regarding the prevalent COVID-19 variants in South Africa.

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Every Wednesday, we are joined by Prof Tulio de Oliveira, who is a world-renowned bioinformatician, virus hunter, and virologist from KRISP (Kwazulu-Natal Research Innovation and Sequencing Platforming) at UKZN. He answers all your COVID-19-related questions and shares predictions from an expert's point of view. 

The opening question today asked the difference between the antigen test and the PCR test. Can one safely rely on both the tests to give correct results? The professor shares that the antigen is cheaper but just as reliable. He also shares more similarities and differences of these tests.

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Whilst Gauteng is having a bad time in terms of the third wave, there are rumours of KZN inevitably experiencing a third wave of a similar ilk. Prof Tulio takes us through a journey of how the third wave has recently moved and highlights the inland provinces. He shares that the number of COVID-19 cases will continue to rise at this point, but will we experience the third wave's full effects in KZN? 

Take a listen to the podcast for the answers to these: 

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From listening to the above podcast you will get more insight on the benefits of getting vaccinated, especially during this third wave. 

You will also receive a detailed explanation of whether recovering from COVID-19 makes you less immune to contracting the disease again. 

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DKS urges everyone to stay safe, wear your mask, and keep a safe distance when in social spaces. 

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