Tyla scores her own Challenge Emote on 'Fortnite'

Tyla scores her own Challenge Emote on 'Fortnite'

You know you have made it big when one of the biggest online gaming platforms in the world gives you a Challenge Emote. 

Tyla Fortnite Challenge Emote .png
SA singer Tyla has her own Challenge Emote on Fortnite/ Instagram (@fortnite)

The wins keep rolling in for South African singer Tyla. 'Fortnite' just added a Challenge Emote in her honour.

The emote features her hit, 'Truth or Dare', and includes the song's viral dance. 

"Truth - we’re obsessed with the new Challenge Emote," the game's official Instagram page read.

Tyla's fans can't get enough of her new emote. 

"Hell, yeah let’s go another emote. That is absolutely fire. I like it. You guys are doing so good and I cannot wait for next season," one commented. 

Some of Tyla's fans said it made more sense to create an emote for 'Water', the song that made her a household name worldwide.

Regardless of which song 'Fortnite' chose, our Grammy Award-winning local superstar has her own Challenge Emote! 

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Tyla's music continues to do well in America. 

'Water' charted on the Billboard Hot 100 last year and remains #1 on the Billboard U.S. Afrobeats chart. 

The 22-year-old has four other songs on the Afrobeats chart - 'Jump' featuring Gunna and Skillibeng, 'Truth or Dare', 'ART', and 'No.1'.

All the songs appear on her debut album, 'TYLA', which was released in March. 

Speaking to Cosmopolitan magazine in April, Tyla said she hopes to get back on the road again after postponing her first-ever solo tour.

"I’ll be back on it very soon, and I will be giving my Tygers the best show ever. I just need to slow down a bit more and just be easy on myself. I’m still recovering. At least I have medicine that helps ease the pain. It sucks, but I know God’s going to bring me out of it," she said.

She also denied that her success was due to being a member of the infamous Illuminati. 

"People already think I’m in the Illuminati? Oh, now. I know some people think that’s the only way, but it really isn’t. God is the center of everything that we are doing, and clearly, it’s working."



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