Taylor Swift mocks Kim, Katy, and Tom Hiddleston in new music video

Taylor Swift mocks Kim, Katy, and Tom Hiddleston in new music video

Taylor Swift took a swipe at her famous enemies in her new music video for 'Look What You Made Me Do'.

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Shots fired! Taylor Swift is using her new music video for 'Look What You Made Me Do' to diss Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and her ex, Tom Hiddleston. 

Taylor debuted the video during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, but was a no-show at the event. 

She takes a swipe at Kim by posing in a bath tub filled with jewelry. Kim was robbed in Paris of her jewelry, and the thieves tied her up before putting her in the bathroom.

Taylor also sings: "I don't like your perfect crime", in the video.

She also mocks Kanye's famous stage prop, when she sings: "I don't like your titled stage"

So why is she taking a swipe at Kim? She famously made Taylor look bad when she accused her of lying about giving Kanye West permission to include some eyebrow-raising lyrics in his 'Famous' song. 

Taylor also fires shots at Katy Perry in the video. She wears an animal print coat while sitting next to a leopard. Katy is a big cat lover, and Taylor wears a cat mask similar to the one Katy wore in her 'Dark Horse' music video. 

The frenemies fell out a few years ago after Taylor was allegedly upset that Katy stole her dancers. Her hit single, 'Bad Blood', is allegedly about Katy, while Katy's 'Swish Swish' is clearly about Taylor.


Taylor also mocked her ex Tom Hiddleston by getting her dancers to wear "I [heart] TS" tops. Tom was ridiculed last year for wearing a T-shirt with the words during a Fourth of July party with Taylor. 

Taylor also seemingly takes a swipe at another ex - Calvin Harris. 

The video opens with her emerging from a grave, and one of the tombstones in the ceremony bares the name, Nils Sjöberg.

It's the pseudonym Taylor used to co-write Calvin's hit single, 'This Is What You Came For', featuring Rihanna. 

Their break-up was not a smooth one, and Calvin expressed disappointment in the way Taylor revealed how she co-wrote the song after initially agreeing that she did not want her name mentioned.

She also mocks herself at the end of the video, making fun of criticism over her "shocked" faces when she wins awards, and reports that she enjoys playing the victim. 

Taylor's new song is already breaking major records. 'Look What You Made Me Do' broke a global streaming record when it was released last week. It was played on Spotify over eight million times in one day! 

The video was watched more than nine-million times in five hours. 

We can no doubt expect Taylor's new single to find its way onto the Coca-Cola Top 40 soon. Her new album, 'Reputation', will drop November 10.

Her nemeses, Katy and Calvin, are both enjoying some airplay on the chart. 

Watch Taylor's new video below, and see if you can spot all the subtle and not-so-subtle digs she takes at her famous enemies.

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