New music alert! Katy Perry drops single 'Daisies'

New music alert! Katy Perry drops single 'Daisies'

This is the best news you will hear all day, Katy Perry fans!

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This is not a drill, folks! Katy Perry has just launched her new single, 'Daisies'.

We are uber excited about this release, as it means her new album is not far away from hitting our speakers - with 14 August announced as the official release date for the as yet unnamed album.

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Perry, who is currently pregnant with her first child with actor Orlando Bloom, has not released an album since 2017's 'Witness', so this is really exciting news for her die-hard fans across the globe.

Perry will perform the song live on Sunday for the 'American Idol' finale.

Watch a heavily-pregnant Perry shine in the 'Daisies' video below:

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Meanwhile, Perry has been using her time in lockdown to dress up and entertain for various charities and commitments.

Here are some of the rather hilarious outfits she has donned of late.

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Image Credit: Instagram / Katy Perry

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