Kim Kardashian’s robbery photos finally surface

Kim Kardashian’s robbery photos finally surface

These crime scene photos from the Kim Kardashian robbery are enough to give you the chills!

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Anyone that has endured a house robbery knows that sickening feeling of having your personal space violated. 

The thought of someone going through your stuff with such disregard and with no respect is enough to make your stomach turn.

Photos of Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery, which occurred in October last year, have been released by French broadcaster TF1. The images show her hotel bedroom, bathroom, and even the duct tape which was used to tie her up.

I'm sure all Kim Kardashian wants to do is put this terrifying ordeal behind her. What was terrifying about the situation is that she was robbed by men dressed as policemen and who were even armed. I mean, this is so hectic on so many levels.

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Note how bizarre the music in this video is and the fact that although it's terrible she is lucky not to have been hurt. 

Check out the video below:

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