AKA shares sneak peek of 'Touch My Blood' playlist

AKA shares sneak peek of 'Touch My Blood' playlist

AKA has shared a list of songs that could make it onto his new album, 'Touch My Blood'.

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AKA is gearing up for the release of what could be his last album in a long time. 

It's unclear when the album, which is called 'Touch My Blood', will be released, but the 30-year-old has revealed he is still completing some of the tracks. 

AKA has already released two songs from the album, 'Sweet Fire' and 'Touch My Blood'. 

He revealed last month that 'Touch My Blood' is by far his best album. AKA also hinted - in a since-deleted tweet -that it might be his last one for a while. 

His management team said he would "dip in and out of music" while pursuing other projects. 

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Until then, fans can look forward to some new music from the 'Congratulate' hitmaker.

AKA shared a sneak peek of what songs we can expect on his new album. 

"Final stretch," he wrote on Instagram Stories. 

Some of the songs are complete, while others are still a work in progress. 

Here's a look at the potential tracklist. 

AKA 'Touch My Blood' track list

And it looks like AKA could be adding one more song to the list.

US rapper Masego, who is currently in SA, gave him a shout-out on Twitter. 

"Every @akaworldwide song that came on in the club made me shazam it!" he tweeted.

AKA thanked him for the compliment. Masego then told AKA to send him a direct message if he wanted to talk. 

Here's how the conversation went down:

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