Miley Cyrus breaks down in 'Used To Be Young' music video

Miley Cyrus breaks down in 'Used To Be Young' music video

Listen to Miley's empowering new song about growing up and leaving the old her in the past. 

Miley Cyrus music video
Miley Cyrus in her new music video/ YouTube (Miley Cyrus)

Miley Cyrus is pouring her heart out in her new song, 'Used to Be Young'. The 30-year-old says the single, which was released on Friday, has been two years in the making. 

"These lyrics were written almost 2 years ago at the beginning of my ESV. It was at a time [when] I felt misunderstood," she wrote on Instagram. 

The 'Flowers' singer adds that she spent months "painting a sonic picture" of her perspective to share with her fans. 

"The time has arrived to release a song that I could perfect forever. Although my work is done, this song will continue to write itself every day. The fact it remains unfinished is a part of its beauty. That is my life at this moment ….. unfinished yet complete." 

She also shared a picture of the song's full lyrics. 

"I know I used to be crazy / I know I used to be fun / You say I used to be wild /I say I used to be young / You tell me time has done changed me / That's fine, I've had a good run," Miley sings on 'Used To Be Young'. 

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Miley talked more about the song's meaning in a separate post. 

"It's optimistic and there's a sadness. It's allowing sadness and joy to be happening simultaneously, which happens all the time. More importantly, this song is about looking to the future and where I'm going," she said in a video interview. 

Miley told Vogue magazine in an interview earlier this year how the song came about. She revealed that a songwriter approached her about a song which was more of a club track. 

The old "party girl" Miley would have jumped at the chance to make a fun club song, but she is no longer the person she was when she used to be young.

"I was like, ‘I’m two years sober. That’s not where I spend my time, you know. You’re more likely to catch me and my friends literally walking through rose gardens or going to a museum.’ It’s not about being self-serious. I’m just evolved," she said. 

Miley then started working on a track on her past but embraces who she is now. 

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Miley released 'Used To Be Young' on the same day that Selena Gomez debuted her new song, 'Single Soon'. 

You can watch that video here: Selena Gomez shares 'Single Soon' song and music video

The former Disney stars joked about releasing new music at the same time.

"@mileycyrus and I both have a SINGLE SOON and we are releasing on the same day. We have been friends since we USED TO BE YOUNG. Excited for August 25th!” Selena wrote on her Instagram Stories. 

Miley wrote on her Instagram Story: "@selenagomez and I are both dropping our new SINGLEs SOON...  I say #WeUsedToBeYoung." 

They also shared a hilarious clip from a 'Hannah Montana' episode that featured Selena Gomez. 

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Watch Miley Cyrus' new 'Used To Be Young' music video below:

Main image credit: YouTube/Miley Cyrus ('Used To Be Young' music video)

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