Cher performs epic duet with Jennifer Hudson

Cher performs epic duet with Jennifer Hudson

Cher celebrated her 80s hit 'Believe' while wearing 40-year-old chrome heart pants...

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Cher and Jennifer Hudson perform 'Believe' at the 2024 iHeartRadio Awards/ YouTube (iHeartRadio)

Pop legend Cher performed a surprise duet with Jennifer Hudson at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. 

The 77-year-old attended the awards ceremony to accept the Icon Award. Cher was not billed to perform at the awards, and her performance came as a surprise to many. 

She came out on stage while Jennifer sang 'If I Could Turn Back Time' during her musical tribute. The pair then performed a duet of Cher's 1998 song, 'Believe'.

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Meryl Streep, who has been friends with Cher for decades, presented her with the award. 

"When I think of Cher I think of her giant heart. How open it is. How strong it is. How battered it is, and how she leads with her heart in everything that she does... She just puts it all out there," the actress said.

Meryl also broke into song at one point during her presentation.

Cher wore Chrome Hearts pants during her appearance that she has had for 40 years. 

"Before I start, there are people probably someplace that said doesn't that b**** have more than one pair of pants? I've had these pants for 40 years. I thought we should come here and accept this award together," she said. 

The singer reflected on her rocky road to success, urging people to never give up on their dreams.

"I've been down and out so many times that you cannot believe it; dropped by my record companies and couldn't get a job and at that time, I went to Las Vegas, which they called the elephant's graveyard, and I had a huge show, lots of people, bungees, all that and they just said, 'Oh God, she's so over.' But, uhm, I never gave up my dream." 

Cher added: "What I want to tell you from my experiences, have a dream, and then don't give it up no matter what happens, because I know from my own experience that if you have a dream and you stick with it, you will have a wonderful life and it probably will come true. And that's it for me."

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Other winners on the night included Taylor Swift, SZA, and Beyonce. 

SZA won 'Song of the Year', 'R&B Artist of the Year', and 'R&B Album of the Year'. Taylor Swift took home the 'Artist of the Year' and 'Pop Artist of the Year' trophies.

She also won 'Best Lyrics' for 'Is It Over Now? (Taylor's Version)'. 'Cruel Summer' was voted 'TikTok Bop of the Year'.

Miley Cyrus won 'Pop Song of the Year' for 'Flowers'. 

Stevie Wonder presented Beyoncé with the Innovator Award.

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