Cher files for conservatorship of son following his drug addiction

Cher files for conservatorship of son due to his drug addiction

Cher argues that due to her son's ongoing battle with drugs and his mental state, he is not fit to care for his estate. She has taken the matter to court. 

Cher music video ' All or Nothing'
Cher music video ' All or Nothing'

Cher has filed for temporary legal conservatorship of her son Elijah Blue Allman (47). The petition was reportedly filed on Tuesday in the Los Angeles Superior Court. 

According to Billboard, the legal conservatorship comes as a result of Elijah's battle with drug abuse. 

The publication states that Cher has asked to be the sole conservator of her son's estate because he “is currently unable to manage his assets due to severe mental health and substance abuse issues.”

Cher reportedly argued that her son would waste his estate by feeding the drug addiction. 

“Elijah is entitled to regular distributions from the Trust, but given his ongoing mental health and substance abuse issues, petitioner [Cher] is concerned that any funds distributed to Elijah will be immediately spent on drugs, leaving Elijah with no assets to provide for himself and putting Elijah’s life at risk,” the court documents reportedly states. 

“Elijah is currently unable to manage his finances and the distribution of funds directly to Elijah would not be in his best interests," continues the statement.

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In October, Cher was accused of trying to kidnap her son. 

Marieangela King, who is the estranged wife of Cher's son Blue Allman, claimed that the singer organised four men to kidnap her son from a New York hotel room.

"That rumour is not true," Cher told People mazgine. 

Addressing her son's drug addiction during the interview, the singer said she will do all she can to help him recover. 

“I’m not suffering from any problem that millions of people in the United States aren’t,” Cher said. “I’m a mother. This is my job — one way or another, to try to help my children."

Cher's son has been in and out of rehab. According to Variety magazine, the 47-year-old said he was just a preteen when he first got involved with heavy drugs.

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