Chaka Khan ain't got time for Rolling Stone's greatest singers list

Chaka Khan ain't got time for Rolling Stone's greatest singers list

Chaka Khan is not impressed with Mariah Carey, Adele, and Mary J. Blige being listed higher than her. 

Chaka Khan
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Music icon Chaka Khan says Rolling Stone's team needs hearing aids after they placed her at #29 on the magazine's '200 Greatest Singers of All Time' list.

The 'Ain't Nobody' hitmaker did not hold back when describing how she feels about the list. Rolling Stone updated its greatest singers list in January. 

The list was widely panned as many big music superstars - including Celine Dion, Janet Jackson, Nate King Cole, Madonna, and Barry White - were snubbed.

Many were also upset that Michael Jackson was ranked #86! 

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Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Sam Cooke, Billie Holiday, and Mariah Carey were declared the five best singers of all time. 

When asked about the list during an interview on 'The Originals' podcast, Chaka Khan indicated that she had not seen it. 

"What list is that? These are somebody's opinions, correct? Then that's all I have to say. I feel honored; however, it's not going to take me over any moon. These people don’t quantify or validate me in any way," she told host Andrew Goldman.

The 69-year-old then took a swipe at some of the singers on the list after she found out where they placed. 

"That must be payola," she said when told that Mariah Carey ranked #5.  

What about Adele at #22? "OK, I quit," Chaka Khan said. 

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The singer had harsher words for her "friend" Mary J. Blige who ranked four places ahead of her at #25. 

"They need hearing aids," Chaka Khan said. She then slammed the team who put the list together. 

"They are blind as a motherf***ing bat! They need hearing aids," the Grammy Award winner said. 

And 'The Queen of Funk' was not done. She took another swipe at Mary J. Blige when asked what she thought about her covering her classic, 'Sweet Thing', in 1992. 

"I told Mary J. Blige she f***ed it up. Number one, her vocals were flat, and I asked her I said, ‘What time did you [record the song], what time of day was it or night, what were you doing when you decided to cover ‘Sweet Thing’ and where were you at when you covered it?’" she said. 

Mary allegedly told Chaka Khan that she recorded the song at eight in the morning. 

"I said girl you don’t sing nothing at eight in the motherf***ing morning. Especially if you have to get up to sing it. If you’d been up all night, smoking crack or something, I don’t know, it might have been a whole different thing. But you don’t get up at eight in the morning to sing girl. But she and I have that kind of relationship, we can talk. I love her. She loves me. We don’t have a problem. Now the press would love to make it a motherf***ing problem.”

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Uhm, well, with friends like these who needs enemies?! 

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