The best pillows for a good night's sleep

The best pillows for a good night's sleep

We take a look at the different materials that go into making pillows. 

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The type of pillow you sleep on is a matter of personal preference, but we all can agree that comfort and support are top of the list when it comes to picking the right pillow. 

In an industry filled with so many options, choosing the right pillow can be difficult. 

The first step is understanding what goes into making pillows. 

According to Pillow Science, there are various types of materials used to make pillows; viscoelastic memory foam, polyester, down, gel, and latex.

Let's focus on the memory foam pillows. These types of pillows are made from polyurethane which is known as viscoelastic foam. 

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According to the Sleep Foundation, memory foam pillows can be solid or shredded. 

The main advantage of memory foam pillows is that they take the shape of your head and neck, offering support. 

However, memory foam pillows can get overheated due to the body's heat. The good news is that some of them come with a gel that has a cooling effect on your body. 

BASF, a leading chemicals company, recently announced its latest technology to take pillow comfort to the next level with its CosyPUR ® memory foam. 

"CosyPUR® is modifiable from ultra-soft to visco-elastic and extends the application possibilities of flexible foams, securing you a good night’s rest.  The open cell structure of the foam enables air to pass through the material and in the process dissipates body heat, resulting in a more breathable and comfortable experience than other pillows," states BASF. 

CosyPur also fulfills the fundamentals of ensuring good posture during sleep.

So whether you prefer your pillow hard, soft, puffy or flat, understanding the in-filling material is crucial.  

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Other types of pillows

Feather Pillows

These types of pillows are light in weight, cosy, and fluffy. They are made of feathers of ducks and goose. They are pricey. 

Cotton Pillows 

As the name says, these pillows are made of cotton. These types of pillows are also light and fluffy. The advantage with them is that they are eco-friendly and free from any toxic chemicals. 

Synthetic Pillows

These type of pillows are made with synthetic filling material. The only disadvantage is that they flatten over a period of time. 


Latex pillows are soft and provide good support. They also provide a cool surface. 

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