How to use chopsticks like a pro

Easy guide on how to use chopsticks like a pro

Never struggle with chopsticks again...

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Chopsticks are popular kitchen and eating utensils. 

They are mostly used to eat sushi and other Asian cuisine. 

But not everyone knows how to use them. 

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If you are someone who struggles to use them, below are tips to guide you: 

  • The first step is to take the first stick and place it in your dominant hand. 
  • Pinch the chopstick a little above the middle with your thumb and your forefinger.
  • Bend your ring finger across the stick. 
  • There should be a hole between the place where you have placed the stick. 
  • Insert another stick into the hole. 
  • Rest the other side of the chopsticks on the tip of your middle finger. 
  • Wrap the top portion of your middle finger around the chopstick.
  • Use your thumb to grip the stick nice and tightly.
  • Enjoy using the chopsticks and adjust as required. 

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See the video below for more tips. Practice a few times at home, and you will be a pro! 

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