Best sushi spots in KZN

Best sushi spots in KZN

We saw your top sushi spot suggestions and decided to put together a smashing list of the best mouth "watering" sushi in KZN!

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If you're a fan of seafood you may want to keep reading this one.

We asked our Facebook family what they think is the best sushi spot in KZN.

Behold, we may have a few winners - deservingly so! 

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Sakura was one of the most mentioned restaurants under the buzzing comment section.

Not only that, but Sakura is also an award-winning location.

They recently won "Best takeaway outlet" in KZN.

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Whether you're into sushi or Chinese food, you can definitely choose from the variety of meals on their exciting menu.

Location: 117 Davenport Road, Durban, South Africa

Number: 031 201 1240

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The next sushi spot is Jack's Grill Co.

This is another perfect seafood location with amazing food on the menu.

The restaurant is set at the perfect spot - Florida Road!

This is basically the heart of Durban with a lot of excitement and many new people to meet.

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Location: 295 Florida Road, Manor House

Number: 031 521 0250

Head to Jack's Grill Co and indulge in some amazing food.

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Tommy's sushi is popular for the amazing specials they have frequently

Also, they have a variety of delicious food.

The location is also known for the amazing soups available.

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Location: 223 Florida Road, Durban

Number: 074 404 7351

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