A win for Twitter users! Tito Mboweni reduces garlic in his cooking

Twitter users convince Tito Mboweni to reduce garlic in his cooking

"By popular demand, I am reducing the amount of garlic. Regrettably."

Tito Mboweni cooking
Tito Mboweni cooking / Twitter

Twitter spoke... and Tito Mboweni listened! 

The former finance minister has often been the subject of discussion on Twitter, thanks to his cooking skills, which many have criticised. 

Tito is now determined to win the hearts of many of his critics. 

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He took to Twitter to share his latest recipe - lamb chops and village gravy. But before the critics jumped in, he told them he cut back on the amount of garlic and tomatoes.

"Kind of bored and hungry. Decided on a lamb chops TV braai and some pasta! Onions, garlic and green peppers later as the lekker village gravy," he wrote on Twitter. 

"By popular demand, I am reducing the amount of garlic. Regrettably," he said. 

Many of those who commented thanked him for taking the advice. 

"Good move. You will now be able to taste the natural flavour of your food," wrote one Twitter user. 

"Progress noted Chef Tito," another commented. 

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He also told his followers that he has reduced the amount of tomatoes. 

"Now preparing the gravy ! ( please don’t comment about the amount of tomatoes. I reduced the number!)," he wrote. 

He shared a photo of the final product and most of his followers were impressed. 

Tito said cooking is therapeutic for him. 

In May, Tweeps called on famous chef Siba Mtongana to help Tito with his cooking.

Siba, however, said the minister's cooking has been showing improvement.  

"Ok Mzansi, let’s be fair…. The former finance minister’s cooking is improving drastically… You gotta have ‘faith’," wrote Siba on Twitter.

"No need for intervention from me anymore… Besides the size of garlic and onion," she wrote. 

Now it seems the only thing left for Tito to work on is the amount of onions he uses. 

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