Tito Mboweni's lamb recipe leaves Twitter appalled

Tito Mboweni's lamb recipe leaves Twitter appalled

If you search for the word 'persistent' in the dictionary, you will find Tito Mboweni's name next to it! The former finance minister refuses to give up cooking despite criticism from Twitter's food critics. 

Tito Mboweni's lamb recipe
Tito Mboweni's lamb recipe / iStock

Tito Mboweni has been cooking a lot in this new year. 

Last week he shared a 'Gravy a la Kasi' recipe which he received backlash from his Twitter followers for. 

On Sunday, the former Finance Minister shared another recipe. 

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This time around, he asked his followers to not comment on the first photo he shared, but wait for the final product. 

"Wait before commenting," he wrote.

He went on to share his recipe. 

"Boil the lamb, then introduce the spices, onions and GARLIC! Relax!!…"

He shared a photo showing the ingredients he used: 

- Cayenne Pepper 

- Olive Oil 

- Turmeric 

- Steak and chops

- Green Pepper 

- Garlic 

- Carrots 

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He said for the method you boil the lamb and then add the other ingredients. 

Tito Mboweni described his meal as tasty. 

He enjoyed it with pap and wine. 

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