Yummy homemade slush puppy to try with your kids

Homemade slush puppy to try with your kids

Food influencer Vukosi Mbambu shares a cool recipe to try with your kids this holiday season. 

Summer homemade Slush Puppy
Summer homemade Slush Puppy/ Facebook

Many children in South Africa are on school holidays. 

Parents have to come up with fun activities to keep the young ones occupied. 

One of the things you can do to bond with your children and ensure this holiday season is a memorable one is to do fun activities together. 

One of the fun things to try is making food and drinks. 

Many children enjoy slush puppies. 

Vukosi Mbambu has a cool slush puppy for you to try. 

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1. Juice 

2. Salt

3. Ice cubes

4. Any garnish you prefer.


1. Plastic or ziplocks bags (x2 ). 


3. Straws. 


- Pour some Juice into the ziplock bag or a plastic bag that doesn't have holes and that you can tie to lock in the juice. 

- Pour into the other plastic ice cubes and a fair amount of salt. 

- Place the zipped or tied juice plastic into the ice and salt plastic (tie it in). 

- Shake and roughly massage both plastics for 8 to 10 minutes approximately. 

- Carefully untie or cut through the ice n salt(it would have melted at this stage).

- Then take out the juice plastic (it will be slushy) unzip or cut a small hole to pour into a cup

- Garnish and enjoy. 

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Vukosi Mbambu
Vukosi Mbambu /Supplied

Image courtesy of Facebook. 

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