Russian woman makes soap good enough to eat

Russian woman makes soap good enough to eat

We're not sure if you would be able to tell the difference between the real thing and the soap...

Dessert that looks like soap
Dessert that looks like soap/Instagram Screenshot/@omnon_soap

It never ceases to amaze us what people are able to accomplish when they are passionate about what they do. 

For this woman, it is her passion for turning soap into pieces of art. 

Julia Popova is a talented soap maker from Russia. She "creates amazingly detailed bars of soap that look like delectable desserts, liquor bottles or juicy fruits." (Oddity Central)

In case you needed evidence of her delectable creations, check out this one below from her Instagram page:

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Nine years ago, Julia started making her soaps, but she only made them as gifts for family and friends. 

But due to the positive feedback she receives, she decided to start her own soap making business. 

And it was then that Omnom Soap was born. 

"In the beginning, she would buy regular soap bars, melt them, and them mold them into the desired shapes, but as she became more involved in the artistic process, she started buying the base ingredients and then making her own soap." (Oddity Central)

She really does justice to her art form. We're not sure if anyone would want to use these soaps to bath though, since they look good enough to eat. 

In addition to their intricate designs on mimicking real items, Julia has moved away from conventional soap scents and adds to the theme of her soaps. 

For instance, she uses vanilla and strawberry scents for her soaps that look like desserts. 

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