Monday Motivation: Stay in your lane

Monday Motivation: Stay in your lane

"You are equipped with everything that you need in order to finish your race well" 

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Each one of us is born with a purpose. There is a race we need to run. There is a piece of the puzzle that we complete. The fact that you are still blessed with the gift of life means there is a greater reason for your existence.

However, the race of life comes with rules and each runner is given designated lanes which he/she cannot cross.

The challenge with running a race is that although you have designated lanes, your eyes can still see the other runners. That can serve as either a distraction, a motivation or something that puts you down.

Many people find themselves quitting along the way only because their focus was on the other racers. What is important to understand is that you have an individual race to run. You were created in such a way that when you run your own race well, you get to experience unspeakable joy that no other human being is able to give you. Doing what you are created for comes with fulfilment.

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What is important to note is that you are equipped with everything that you need in order to finish your race well.

Even the obstacles that are placed on the road have been carefully selected to ensure that they don’t end your life. In fact, after every obstacle you cross, you gain more knowledge that helps you draw closer to winning the prize.

Challenges are never meant to harm us, but they are given as a stepping stone. Almost all of the greatest achievers in life have a story to tell about overcoming challenges.

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Remember our paths are not meant to be the same. Keep focused and never allow envy of the other racers derail you. Know that as long as you keep running, walking or even crawling forward, you will eventually reach the finishing line and receive your prize.  

This Monday, the motivation is for you to let go of the doubt. You are great. You are gifted. You are a winner!

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